Journalists and Adderall

From a comment here – note, these blog comment links never seem to work – a reference to an Althouse blog post, Are Almost All Journalists on Adderall?. The post is built around a few minutes from a Joe Rogan podcast (which is included there).

Rogan says he watched a lot of YouTube videos of Adderall users, “who thought the whole world was against them, that they were super-competent, capable of anything. They had unstoppable confidence. They wouldn’t shut the fuck up. But everyone was against them.”

Then, Rogan says: “A lot of people are on it…. It’s a spooky drug… First of all, journalists. I have a buddy of mine who’s a writer who said almost all journalists are on it.” One of the other guys says, “You get stuff done.” And Rogan muses, “But it changes who you are as a person. It fucks with your head.”

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