Time After Time

Trump tore in to Rep Elijah Cummings (Baltimore-D) on Twitter about what it’s like to live in Baltimore.

The usual characters on the left as well as on the NT-right called out the racist and rude and deplorable nature of Trump’s tweets. The left is doing it to distract and deflect, of course (this is priceless), but Andy Swan explains what is really going on for those that should know better after all these months.

Of course the feud with Cummings is silly. But it will be effective, because the facts are on T’s side.

This is what he does VERY well… create “controversy” where he holds the trump cards…the truth.

Over and over and over.

Trump cards:

Cities run by D’s for decades have some really, really terrible areas.

Welfare state creates dependency and rot.

Prioritizing illegal immigrants over citizens in great need is a losing position and SHOULD be levered.

The voting block is taken for granted

Add to it that it is very likely Trump already knows the trajectory of an investigation/inquiry

Summary: The “pettiness” is a feature, not a big.

Nerding out a big diatribe about the failure of the welfare state gets you nowhere.

Getting into a pissing match that captures everyone’s attention and THEN exposing the real-world dystopia these policies create is “top 100″.

NB, the original link from American Thinker also discusses the same perspective. It too is quite good; I just wanted to highlight the above.

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