So Far, This is What We Know

From Robert Barnes:

Every major Dem candidate wants to make it illegal to detain illegal immigrants & free health care to those illegals.
Every major Dem candidate embraced taxpayer-funded abortion on demand.
Every major Dem candidate endorsed government controlled health care & tax hikes for all.

I was hoping that someone would step up and defend these positions, but no.

Update (20190630): Or as Nolte puts it, Dems Promise to Take Away Our Health Insurance and Give It to Illegal Aliens.

[...] President Trump was the winner of the Democrat debates, because he is the only person standing between us and this:

- Tax increases.
- Gun confiscations.
- Slave reparations
- Decriminalize illegal immigration.
- No more deporting of illegal immigrants.
- Abolish the private health insurance currently held by over 150 million Americans.
- Give free health insurance to illegal immigrants.

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