If You Don’t Like It Here, Leave

It all started a couple, three weeks ago with a report from Snaphanen about the murder, possibly political, of a senior member of Frau Merkel’s party. What was interesting is that the man had made remarks a few days before at a townhall meeting indicating that

“It is worth living in our country. Here you must stand up for values, and whoever doesn’t stand up for these values can leave this country any time if they don’t agree with them.”

The Snaphanen link includes a video from the meeting with English subtitles – for as long as Google will let it be. I didn’t think much of this then.

And then this morning, Vox reports that there is a suspect, he has confessed, and yes, the murder was political and directly related to the comments made above.

There have been other leftists in power, for example, quite close by who have made similar comments. According to Snaphanen, the initial reports of the murder were left unreported in Scandinavia, especially Sweden, because it would not be good to “[g]ive the appearance, especially in Sweden, that the defense of the nation can be so fanatical that it leads to assassination” (Det skulle nødigt forlyde i det fhv. folkehjem, at forsvaret for nationen kan være så indædt, at det fører til politikermord.)

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