A Question

In conjunction with a tweet detailing the deaths occurring on the border, a question is asked:

How are these people trying to cross our border paying the toll? Seriously, who is funding it? $5000 to the coyote from a person who makes dollars a day??? I don’t get it

The tweets in response are interesting (all coalesced into a single):

I’ve heard recently that someone in the US sponsors them.
That’s why they always have an address.
I’m assuming that once they get to the address, they become indentured servants/slaves.

BINGO!! Just wrote that. It’s a fact. I’m from SoCal/Mex. I’ve known of these cases for many years. Long before Trump I’ve tried to get someone to listen. Cases even where children/adults are the currency used. Some bring heroin in swallowed balloons. Mucho money involved. ????

Some pay very little if nothing at all then get here & owe their handlers. Basically they are turned into slaves giving 75% of their wages with jobs waiting here. Plus forced to do labor for free & yes the ones I know of do vote. Some want to go back & aren’t allowed.

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