On the Border

Someone a long way away from the border tweeted:

Assuming you know this but I’ll say it anyway. Trump’s demand for a border wall was about a supposed ‘crisis’ of illegal immigration. But the humanitarian crisis in the border camps is Trump’s making. It’s cruel, intentional & proving to be ineffective (not to mention costly.)

To which a tweet thread resulted:

This is false. The humanitarian crisis in border facilities is a direct result of the illegal immigration crisis that began under Obama. Our CBP stations and infrastructure weren’t built to house mass amounts of people, and none to house children.

In the past, it was mostly young males, migrant farm workers, etc. Then it was males just coming for any work. Our facilities were meant for short processing times and you moved them out.

When Obama announced DACA, families started flocking to the border. It became a crisis when parents, who were already here illegally, started paying smugglers to bring their children, thus, the unaccompanied minors being dumped at the border.

Obama opened the detention centers because there was nowhere to house these children while they were being processed, then turned over to HHS to be transported to shelters or turned over to the parents that smuggled them here.

Because of the Flores Agreement, Obama couldn’t hold the children with their parents while the parents were being processed, thus you have “catch and release.” This prompted parents to start dragging their children with them in droves under Trump.

So you had people renting kids, stealing kids, using other family members children, etc because that was their free pass. You have a kid, you get in.

Trump begged Congress to fix this loophole, but to the Dems, no crisis, nothing to see here, move along. Trump then separated the children from their parents while they were being processed, again, because the court told Obama he couldn’t hold them together.

Then people started having a fit. Many of these children weren’t related to the people who brought them, many were abandoned once they got here. Trump stopped the separations, although I dont think he should have.

Because it’s been ignored, and anything Trump has tried to do has been shot down, we now have thousands upon thousands of unaccompanied minors at the border, and don’t have the infrastructure or funds, thanks to the Dems.

So I’m not sure what exactly you, or anyone else expects Trump or any other president to do in this crisis. We have thousands of children dumped at our border. Where exactly should they go? Should they just be dumped in the street?

People in Congress want to scream and holler “I will not give any money,” then complain about the conditions there? AOC pumping her fist in solidarity with a strike at the company making beds for those kids, and then bitches about there not being beds. #moron

I live between Houston TX and the border. I don’t need someone from DC, NY, Mass, etc to tell me what is and isn’t going on down here. We see it with our own eyes. This isn’t a crisis because of Trump. This is a crisis because of Congress.

Even Democratic mayors are getting sick of it. It’s costing the citizens of Texas to do the federal government’s job. This is just one example.

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