American Christianity

From Bookworm, an essay which would be tremendously beneficial for foreigners (especially Europeans) when they blather about American Christianity: I really like American Christians.

This is so interesting because the very first example is an echo something that happened to a Euro I know who actually lives here in the US and has for years. She, however, responded by yelling at the poor old man.

After [I became a] conservative [...] I suddenly met a whole bunch of Christians, both in real life and through their writing. That’s was when I realized that American Christians are really nice people. Obviously, not each of them specifically is a nice person. There’ll be some who are petty and some who are greedy and some who are just irritating. But taken en masse, I really like American Christians.

You see, American Christians have a generous Christianity. They willingly share their lovely holidays with the world. In American, you don’t have to be Christian to enjoy Christmas trees, Christmas carols, decorated houses, Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, etc. You’re not blaspheming and subject to torture or death for having a tree in your house even if you don’t believe that it celebrates Christ’s birth or joining in an Easter egg hunt even if you don’t believe in the Resurrection. It’s okay with American Christians as long as you don’t get in the way of their core beliefs about Christ’s birth and Resurrection.

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