The Soviets Won It

Some bimbo, Sameera Khan (whose Twitter feed is filled with lots more dopey comments), has a video in which she expresses the ol’ commie propaganda line that it was the Soviet Union that won WWII.

Schlichter comments:

Everyone listen to the dopey gal who read some social media posts from her pals and know has the WW2 411

and someone else in a comment to this wrote a very ingenious notion:

Even if you accept her premise – And I don’t – Why is it good that one totalitarian ideology met its defeat at least in part at the hands of another?

There’s a reason history has been revised to make Hitler & Nazism The Worst Thing Ever ™ — They must cover for the other socialists.

But it was this tweet thread that got me to save this (this is also found at threadreader – reformatted, btw):

There is a bunch of this nonsense out there today about how the USSR actually “won” WWII and saved it from Nazism. It’s not true.

It ought to be recalled that the Soviets were Hitler’s allies when WWII began. They invaded Poland together in 1939, which is what started WWII. Contrary to myth, the Nationalist Socialists and the Communists did not hate each other. They were not ideological opposites. They were competitors. Soviet Socialism was Internationalist, “Workers of the World Unite!” While Nazi Socialism was Nationalist, “Germany Over All.”

While Allies, Hitler and Stalin were both planning on attacking each other. Hitler planned to expand Eastward and Stalin wanted to “Liberate” all of Europe from Capitalism and expand westward.

When the US entered in the war in December 1941, the Soviets were on the brink of collapse. Germany had invaded early in June and were now just 15 miles from Moscow. We began to supply the Soviets to keep them in the war two months after the invasion by Germany. Winter did stop the Nazi advance but had it not been for US food, fuel and arms the Spring thaw would have found the Soviets starving and without anything to fight with. What we sent to the Soviets would be enough to equip entire armies:

14,000 U.S. aircraft.
44,000 American jeeps,
375,883 cargo trucks,
8,071 tractors
12,700 tanks.
1,541,590 blankets,
331,066 litres of alcohol
15,417,000 pairs of army boots,
106,893 tons of cotton,
2,670,000 tons of petroleum
4,478,000 tons of food.

All of this aid to the Soviets slowed our own efforts to equip our own troops and feed our own population. Bare in mind that the US was not a superpower in 1941. We were ranked 17th militarily, behind Romania, our population was about 150 million & we were coming out of the Great Depression.

As for the fighting, it’s important to remember that the Soviets did almost all their fighting inside the USSR, while the US was fighting Germany, Italy and Japan simultaneously. We are the only nation in history to be victorious while fighting a war on multiple fronts simultaneously. We landed in Africa, Sicily, Italy, France, the Phillipines, Burma, and countless islands in the Pacific while also fighting battles to control the air and sea in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans and Mediterranean sea. This was while the USSR was just trying to hold on by it’s toenails with enormous assistance from the US.

The Soviets were of little help with Japan. They had a sort of truce with Japan in Manchuria which freed up Soviet troops to fight Germany. In the last months of WWII they attacked Japanese forces in Manchuria. And kept their land conquests which Japan had taken from China. They also wanted to occupy Japan, which we prevented.

The fact that the USSR lost upwards of 30 million people(75% of which were civilians) is not a reflection of how hard they fought. It is a reflection of how much they sucked at it. The Soviets took routinely horrific losses. Their troops were poorly trained and poorly led. They laid mine fields behind their own troops to prevent retreat. They did not evacuate civilians from cities in advance of Nazi forces..

At the battles of Stalingrad and Leningrad over two million Russian civilians died from starvation and exposure in brutal winters without electricity or fuel for heat.

One could argue with great confidence in the evidence that the greatest war crimes of WWII were committed by the Soviets. Against their own population.

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