The Denmark You Know – 7

It’s been a while, just over a year, since the last one of these. In this go-round, courtesy of Mr Uriasposten, we get pictures from Copenhagen of a Jewish sponsered soccer tournament for school-age children that needs a heavily-armed police presence (Jødisk fodboldturnering for skolebørn bevogtes af sværtbevæbnede betjente).

Note that the source of these pictures is not the mainstream media: A friend from Facebook went past the tournament Friday afternoon. Men with submachine guns guard the soccer fields where boys and girls who are from 7 to 16 amicably play soccer. Denmark, 2019. (En Facebook-ven kom forbi fredag eftermiddag. Mænd med maskinpistoler bevogter boldbaner, hvor 7-16 årige drenge og piger spiller fodbold i al venskabelighed. Danmark anno 2019.).

And just as a reminder. This little series started, oddly, coincidentally, during a previous election. Nothing has been learned apparently (see post just before this one).

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