When You Forget Your History

Or were never taught it.

Some young people, quite serious and thoughtful, express an interest in getting rid of the Senate and Electoral College. Some are not happy about that direction.

So just to recap, everyone in America getting an equal vote = “permanent subjugation.”

This has been your regularly-scheduled reminder that right-wingers fear democracy.

Mr Schlichter has a response:

America is a republic, not a democracy.
I have no desire to be ruled by blue cities.
Neither did the people who refused to join the union without the protection of the Senate and Electoral College.
And we are not going to agree to it now.
Unless you make us.
With guns.
You won’t.

So, to try a different tack the little girl writes:

that escalated quickly

To which the response is:

Let me share some experience from overseas watching other people, leftists like you, try to take power.
It ends really badly.

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