A fine, fine rant (slightly reformatted):

“Ohio passed a bill outlawing abortion after detection of the fetal heartbeat. But not before an amendment was proposed by lawmaker Janine Boyd to exempt African American women from the new regulations.

So, is Ms. Boyd some sort of retrograde racist/KKK type who managed to sneak onto the Ohio legislature and is now fighting to implement a covert white supremacist agenda? You might well think so, but as a matter of fact, Ms. Boyd is a progressive Democrat and an African American. So why would a black woman want fewer black babies just like the evil white supremacists presumably do? Why are their interests so closely aligned?

I think it’s because at its core, progressivism is a philosophy of death. Despite all of its high-minded rhetoric about human rights, equality, fairness, grrl power, and liberation from oppression (all of which, by the way, it pretty much stole from the Christian church), progressivism is really nothing more than a demonic suicidal death cult. That’s all it ever is, and ever can be. And when there’s nothing else left to murder, it will turn on itself. All progressives ever actually produce is death: dead cultures, dead countries, dead economies, dead higher education, dead races, dead children, dead babies, and a dead future. The ultimate purpose of progressivism is that we might have death, and that we might have it more abundantly.”

There’s more there too.

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