Fen Strikes Again

NB, I don’t actually know the commenter named Fen, I just find his comments perceptive. I also don’t often read Althouse, but I did and Fen was golden. He is commenting on the reactions of the leftists and GOPe to the fallout of the Mueller report via the persons of Inga and Chuck, respectively, who inhabit the blogs of Ms Althouse.

“Are the hyperventilaters mentally sound enough to be trusted?”

We continue to operate under the impression that these people are just like us, the flip side of our coin. That they would behave the way we would if we were in their shoes.

But the proof we are wrong is right here in front of us, lab rats in the form of Chuck and Inga. For 2 years they have hyperventilated at phantoms. And yesterday came the report that those phantoms never existed. Have they changed their behavior in light of this information?

No, they simply pretend it says what they always suspected, a feat of Alter Reality that shocks us with it’s audacity and complete lack of self-awareness and shame.

So when you ask if the Hyperventilating Candidates can be trusted, I answer: what difference does it make? In 6 months they will be pretending they never said Trump is an Shape-shifting Reptilian, and all of their Chucks and Ingas will brainwash themselves into believing WE are the loons for thinking the Hyperventilating Candidates said Trump is a Shape-shifting Reptilian.

That’s what 90% of these liberal comments on FB and WaPo are about – they aren’t arguing to convince us, they are crafting an alternate reality to brainwash themselves. If they post it, they bring life to their fantasy narrative and, for all intents and purposes, make it real. For them.

The Left will believe whatever their candidates tell them to believe. We have always been at war with EastAsia. Because Orange Man bad.

And we still attempt to reason with them?

Very Scott Adams-esque. The bolding was me, btw.

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