A Billion

I brought this up in the comments to a post of another blog. People were discussing how CNN had and has lousy ratings and how this matters. It doesn’t. Nolte wrote about this recently (his article has links):

[...] 90 million people pay money to CNN every month even though fewer than one million on average actually watch CNN.

Let’s see…

Even if you don’t watch CNN, you are still forced to pay for CNN.

It is called a carriage fee, and every month you subsidize this hate network to the tune of about $1.00 a month [...]

That means the welfare queens at CNN snatch about $90 million a month just because the game is rigged to force you to pay for a propaganda outlet that encourages and legitimizes violence, a hate network that runs one blacklisting campaign after another to de-platform conservatives or anyone who challenges that establishment.

This means the welfare queens at CNN are bringing in over a billion — that’s “billion” with a “B” — dollars a year [...]

Ratings? We don’t need no ratings.

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