Trump is no Reagan

This post meanders around a bit to address the GOPe complaint that Trump is no Reagan.

I was directed by Driscoll the other day to a post at Ricochet an online hangout for those on the right. It’s been a long time since I visited and that is because it is a nest of self-proclaimed conservatives of the Orange-man bad, Reagan good ilk. I took the bait to check and, sure enough, even tho’ the linked-to post itself was a defense of Trump, in this case versus all the similarities between Trump and Jussie Smollett (for chrissakes), it didn’t take long for the Orange-man bad conservatives to show up and take issue. Ah, yes, I remember why I don’t subscribe to that site.

That would’ve been it, except that Instapundit linked to a post by Althouse and when I looked around her site I found this post about Sam Donaldson, a newsreader, a talking head who thinks highly of his own opinions. He was complaining about the fact that Trump said at an event in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Thursday that “the Democrats now have to decide if they will continue to defraud the American public with this ridiculous bullshit.”. Oh, my word. Althouse, to her credit, thinks Donaldson’s complaint is ridiculous bullshit.

But it was this comment to her post that struck me:

I take note of Paul Mirengoff on Powerline referring to the President’s use of bullshit in his Michigan address. While sympathetic and supportive of his anger (Mirengoff took quite a while to shear away his NeverTrumpism, but he came around finally last week. Better late than always never.) he takes on a slightly scolding tone, characterizing Trump’s rhetoric as less than presidential.

Mirengoff, along with many other media bluestockings, seems to long for a glorious past when chief executives wore silk hats and tailcoats and wrote and spoke like Henery James. Well, so do I, but not at the price of a defrauded democracy. There may have been a time when Americans could count on the press to fairly present all sides of every issue, but those days are gone. Only Trump can fairly represent Trump’s policies and aims. Two years of vile and treacherous political propaganda rather than decent journalism proves that point conclusively. Furthermore, obscenities are not just a category of words. Obscenities are deeds as well, such as the deeds committed by the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the CIA against the Constitution and the American people. When Trump sums up what has been done by powerful agencies which sought to trade the stewardship of public welfare and security for naked power as bullshit, he’s being more of a sincere Presbyterian than Sam Donaldson is being an honest journalist.

Very true. And I followed that Powerline link where I found even more interesting comments. Almost everyone agreed that Trump was justified and then an Orange-man bad, Reagan good guy showed up to criticize the bump-stock ban. To which was responded:

You fail to account for the vast changes in this country in the 39 years between Reagan’s inauguration and Trump’s.

If you had a whit of self-reflection you might ponder the failure of the other “Muh Principles” conservatives who ran against Trump. Why did they fail?

There’s a long answer to this but here’s the short one: Since Reagan, GOPe has foisted on a patient Republican base a series of unworthy men—unworthy of Reagan and unworthy of the base. Other than whining about Trump’s flaws, you have yet to explain how McCain-Romney-Jeb!-Rubio-Cruz, inter alia, lost. As I’ve answered you several times, your opinion of Trump can be rationalized only one way: the voters themselves were unworthy of Muh Principles conservativism.

Followed by this one:

1.) I do not understand this Reagan argument. Reagan has been dead for 15 years, he was first elected president almost 40 years ago. He also didn’t have a (D) party and bureaucracy try to overthrow him. Sorry, does that kind of tyranny simply not resonate with you? Can you name the last time that’s ever happened in America? Let me help you out – it’s happened zero times. Forgive me for being more mad about half this country wanting to rip the Constitution to shreds and turn us into Euro Disney at best or Venezuela at worst vs. a word Trump said that every single human being hears on any given day in public. I’m not saying that language use is a wonderful thing. I’m saying that the shock value with it is simply not there anymore (which in a way, might be a good thing because once curse words become impotent, their use actually might go down.)

2.) Trump, nor anyone else, does nothing to the office of the presidency. I do not understand this ridiculous argument, either. The Constitution spells out certain qualifications and duties. After that, each president is on his own. The job is a concept that cannot elevate or lower itself. Only people can raise or trash their reputations. In private, what about all the obscenities thrown around inside the WH? Is obscene ok in private? LBJ was a disgusting human being in private. For some weird reason his coarseness didn’t prevent Reagan from eventually entering the building – just like Reagan’s somewhat-formal dress code inside the Oval Office didn’t prevent Clinton from getting a BJ in there.

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