Mr Schlichter Notices Something Else

The setup is unclear and I’m not willing to investigate further, but an image is tweeted indicating that public schools suck and this is some sort of proof of “self-pwnage” (because if one complains about public institutions, one can’t use them). Or more succinctly:

I’m always puzzled at how fucking stupid you have to be to think that because you partake in the govt institutions you are taxed for you are bound not to challenge or critique those govt institutions or the need for them to be govt institutions

Later, in an unrelated thread, someone tweets:

Says the guy who won’t turn down his Social Security or Medicare, will call the police & fire dept if he needs them, & wants the wall.Darlene Langley added,

to which Schlichter reiterates:

I am not sure why participating in the existing system that steals my money somehow disqualifies me from rejecting the necessity for the system that steals my money, but if you’re stupid enough to like socialism, you’re stupid enough to like stupid memes like this.

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