Mr Schlichter notices something:

Duke Lacrosse = Lie
UVA frat rape = Lie
Covington Kids = Lie
Kavanaugh = Lie
Every Muslim chick howling that someone snagged her headscarf = Lie
Every campus noose = Lie
Jussie Smollett = Lie

Anyone sense a theme?

Sean Davis adds

News media hopped from the laughable Steele dossier, to CNN’s bogus Don Jr. emails scoop, to BuzzFeed’s bogus Michael Cohen scoop, to the vile Covington smears, to the obvious Jussie Smollett hoax, and yet journos wonder why people say “Learn to code” when they finally get fired.

Gail Heriot from Instapundit adds more with links.

Oh, yeah, and it would be remiss to forget to mention Senate Finds No Direct Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion.

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