The Shutdown

Some guy tweets a picture and comments “There’s a food line for furloughed federal workers in DC that currently stretches around the side of this building”. To which Arthur Schwartz responds:

They’ll get their jobs back — with backpay. Corporal Ronil Singh’s family will never get him back. #priorities

Other on the feed comment as well:

Talk about being addicted to the government tit! Miss one check and it’s off to the free food line!


Lol. so they take pictures of homeless people saying they are govt employees? Fed Employees can get short term loans from their credit unions and banks. That was the key thing about trump signing that back pay order the other day.


This is pure theatrics and nothing more. Food line. Good grief. You’d think they’d come up with something more believable than this BS. I’m not buying it.


My furloughed friend is at Disney with his young daughter who is looking forward to more furlough to take a vacation from his vacation.

I don’t know about this last one… but then given the out-and-out lies told by other leftists of late, I’m thinking it’s just playing by the New Rules. Thanks, Buzzfeed.

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