Children in Hot Cars

I may end up deleting this because what follows is all so contextual, but I like the quips… from a Ryan Fournier:

We have no issue arresting parents who leave their children in hot cars… but Liberals glorify parents who drag their children hundreds of miles to cross our border illegally.

…and later on, in a different thread, I read:

The left created sanctuary city policies that just lead to the murder of a police officer by an illegal alien on Christmas eve, and won’t be convinced to change them no matter how obviously bad the consequences are. Where is their compassion for Americans.

And more

“True conservatives” demand we prove to liberals how empathetic we are when they publish manipulative sob stories…but that’s not how liberals acted when confronted by news like the Steinle shooting.


Be honest – you don’t care what I’m saying. You want to assume the very worst possible interpretation in order to create your fake outrage. This is one reason I never explain or justify anything. You don’t care about the truth, so you can pound sand.

Which leads me – again – to Dalrymple and his explanation of outrage.

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