Why The Internet is Wonderful

So, an hour or so ago, the starter cord on one of my snowblowers (snow throwers in some areas) broke off. I guess after some 20 years, it was enough. So, the rest of the time I was using the snowblower, I was thinking about how to fix it or get it fixed. I assumed I was going to need something like a starter cord replacement kit that would take a few days to order in at best – or at worst, take it to a shop, from where I could say good-bye for a week or longer.

So, out of curiosity, I thought about YouTube. I and others have done it and… sure enough Ariens Snow Blower Pull Cord Starter Repair… man, the jackpot.

And even better, it quickly became obvious that all I really needed was a replacement cord from a hardware store. An hour. And it should be back again. Amazing.

Update: This one is good as well; especially because it discusses the importance of using correct cord thicknesses/sizes and what a too-thick cord will cause.

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