Napoleon, Trump, and Why I’m Moving Towards Not Caring Anymore


Prior to Trump’s entrance on the political scene, I was very much of the feeling, burn it down, burn it all down. When Trump was elected, in spite of of everything, I got my hopes up. And then in the ensuing months, I truly believed things were going to change. And as much as I think Trump would like to fulfill all is promises, the one Big Thing he left undone or is avoiding is the problem of third world shithole immigrants in general, but mainly illegal immigrants from same. Other things have changed, some for the better, but not this issue.

Vox has noticed too:

Napoleon understood that if you act decisively in the early stages of a conflict, you encourage others who witness the example being made to take your subsequent threats very, very seriously. Trump has the concept entirely backwards. He threatens, then threatens again, then threatens some more, but ultimately fails to act. He even backs down, at times.

That’s why his bluffs are increasingly being called by his enemies, foreign and domestic, and will soon be completely ignored if he doesn’t take action very soon pour encourager les autres.

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