Establishment Media’s Concern for Jamal Khashoggi Is Fake News

John Nolte wrote this back in October, 2018.

So why are we supposed to care so much about this particular human life that our extreme caring will blow up Trump’s Middle East policy, a policy that actually seems to be working…?


I see.

And I went on a posting holiday that I am only now trying to recover. And what happened in the meantime?

Ace wrote a few days ago: Washington Post More or Less Confirms That Jamal Khashoggi Was a Paid Qatari Intelligence/Propaganda Asset.

So in other words, Khashoggi was largely just a frontman for anti-Saudi propaganda written by an operative of the Saudi’s chief Arab rival, Qatar.

Or more explicitly

Dave Reaboi of the Strategic Studies Group noting that it doesn’t make sense for the Washington Post to reveal that the man they’ve been painting as a patriotic martyr for two months was in fact a shabby operative working for a government hostile to his native country except if the Washington Post knew that there were rumors about these texts and possible payments to Khashoggi and they sought to get ahead of a story they knew could no longer be suppressed.

Or how about this Bombshell: New Info Says Khashoggi Was A Foreign Influence Agent?

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