Worse Than the Left

This may be a tiny bit out of date because it sounds like even (some of) the Never Trumpers get what’s happening with the Kavanaugh circus. Nonetheless, this is a great rant, and I want to remember it.

NeverTrump is as culpable as the Left for the current hellscape that is US politics. They side with the Left on every smear against Trump, his family, his administration and his voters. They bolster the corrupt Trump-Russia probe and cheer FBI raids of private property. 1/

NeverTrumpers used Stormy as a cudgel against evangelicals, legitimatized her vile attorney. They stood silent while Scott Pruitt and his family were viciously attacked then joined the Left in calling for his resignation. They ridicule Trump voters with every name in the book. 2/

NeverTrump mocks SCOTUS with their childish “But Gorsuch” taunt. They smear GOP reps like Nunes, DeSantis. They established the “credible accusation” clause during Roy Moore campaign and helped put a D in the Senate. NeverTrump wants Democrats to take control of Congress 3/

Even now, they hedge on the Kavanaugh allegations, ridiculously claiming that “if true it’s disqualifying.” Some have rolled out their tales of woe to show solidarity with the Left. A few have suggested Kavanaugh should lose his CURRENT job if this is at all true. 4/

NeverTrump is worse than the Left. At least we know what to expect from the lunatic Left. NeverTrump are keyboard warriors but capitulate to the bullies on the Left each chance they get. They are as destructive – if nor more so – than 1,000 Dianne Feinsteins or Adam Schiffs.

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