The Worst Music Videos Ever Made

Update (20190506): Kim at Uriasposten presents another Nikoline video; this time about what it is to be Danish. Like the other linked below, this one is silly and angry and naughty too – but I think it’s worse because of the dopey melody. Silly girl.


There was a post at Uriasposten recently about an ever-so angry femi-atheo-lefty Danish rapper named Nikoline who seems quite taken by herself. Her shtick is as a spokesperson for “a new movement of sexually fluent youth”, but I just think she likes to dress and act slutty and use bad words.

The post referenced one of the Nikoline videos, Sut Min Klit (ie, Suck My Clit) – NSFW, heck, not safe for most places. The video is pretty bad. Silly and angry at the same time with a large dollop of “ooh, look at me being naughty”. Many of the commenters seem to agree with me.

So, anyway, last week or so, Ace’s blog highlighted a couple of bad videos and one of them was the infamous Apache by Tommy Seebach. A contender for the worst music video ever made.

And then this morning, it occurred to me, days after having seen the Nikoline video above (or as much as I could stand), that Denmark has a problem. There is good music in Denmark, but that music is overwhelmed by the completely awful music and videos to go with them. I’m not much of a Swedo-phile, but compare almost anything by ABBA to the biggest international hit to come from Denmark, Aqua’s Barbie Girl… sad.

Geez, that’s three videos as contenders for the worst music videos ever made spread out over some 40 years. I think Denmark has a problem.

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