Fen’s Law

The Left doesn’t really believe in the things they lecture the rest of us about.

Fen is a guy who posts occasional comments on Althouse’s site. Fen’s run at Althouse may be at an end now as Althouse has recently become a racist telepath, no, a telepathic racist- no,that’s not it… darn it, well regardless, she is now able to detect racism without using any of the usual sensory channels.

So far, the results have been limited to detecting only those of the non-Left, but then that seems to be the case for all others with this ability as well. That should, in no way, be seen as a concern.

Update [20150423]: It seems like a good time to update with findings as blatant as this.

Maybe Republicans object to taxes because they actually pay them, and Democrats don’t mind taxes because, well, they don’t.

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