Why We Hate Experts

Very nice piece that explains and documents a whole lot of the meta-problems we have nowadays.

[Some argue that] the chasm between the experts and the populace is based on two factors: One, that the experts live apart from and don’t understand the rest of us, and, two, that the experts believe they are smarter than the rest of us, so don’t feel a need to account for our views.

While true, these two factors are the least of the reasons the population is fed up with the experts. The biggest reason is that the experts (the educated elite) are always wrong in their prescriptions for the country — always.

And the article only deals with health care issues.

Update (20180821): Kurt S comes through with non-health care issues:

Let’s look at our elite’s track record of success. Don’t worry – it won’t take long. We’re still chasing bandits in Afghanistan after nearly 17 years, the Navy can’t stop running into other people’s boats, and our best and brightest in the FBI are texting each other like teens while they try to undo the election. They can’t be bothered with things like, I don’t know, following up on warnings about psychotic freaks who get online and announce their plan to shoot up schools. Oh, and remember the 2008 economic collapse? I’m thinking you weren’t the one making bad bets with billions of dollars that brought it all tumbling down. By the way, guess how many people the feds tossed in the pokey for the 2008 meltdown that cost you and me a trillion bucks? One. Uno. A single dude.

Yeah, that last line would be worth emphasizing: not only are the so-called elites incorrect as often as they are, but they suffer nothing for their failures.

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