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I don’t normally follow this guy, Ron Coleman; I’m not even sure who he is (lawyer?), but from the comments I’ve seen him make over time, he seems honest and credible. He had a nice twitter thread this morning:

The problem isn’t the massive gap in political views between a third of the country and another third of it any more.

It’s the yawning massive chasm between even the remotest shared universe of empirical fact.

Most Dems actually consume the unsourced and, amazingly, *quickly debunked* propaganda from the @nytimes @cnn and @washingtonpost with *total credulity.* They regard these outfits’ ignoring the FISA scandal etc. as proof that there is no there there.

They see no problem with Comey’s conspicuous failure to do his job (let’s leave it at that) and actually believe Hillary Clinton has been completely “cleared” of wrongdoing.

Yes. I am sure they believe this.

They are still mentally at Trump /Putin 1.0. Nothing has changed for them on this. They truly believe impeachment is imminent and that there is a crime called “collusion.”

They *sincerely* regard Barack Obama as an idealistic, highly skilled and effectual POTUS, arguably the greatest ever, whose policies resulted in vast improvement in America’s standing in the world and its domestic condition.

And they are absolutely convinced that, in the face of all contrary proof, Donald Trump is a man of very low intelligence who is a vicious racist.

Because THEY MUST BELIEVE THESE THINGS to continue living.

That’s not to say that many among their many radical tropes, there is much they – as individuals – don’t believe for a *second.*

But they believe, accurately, they’ll never be called on any of that.

Saddest of all – tragic for our country – is that *they cannot conceive of good faith opposition to their views.*

Literally unthinkable to them as an empirical possibility.

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