Or the Cops

This is really a continuation of the previous post. The fact is, the members of the media are assholes who would hang you to dry if given a chance, but they do this for personal reasons using tricks of their trade that they’ve found to work over the years. They are not law enforcement who (often) have a specific goal on mind and are trained to interview people in ways that can achieve that goal.

So, from somewhere in Twitter-land I ended up reading some (blog) posts by Popehat about not talking to the [FBI|law enforcement|the government in general]. Here’s the conclusion from a good one and it has the additional benefit of being from before Trump:

Some people are sociopaths and would try to fast-talk God Almighty. Some people talk compulsively under any pressure. And some people have somehow picked up a foolish notion that if they don’t talk, if they don’t cooperate, if they don’t show the cops that they’re good citizens, they’ll be hustled off to a cell even if they’ve done nothing, or that they will lose a chance to divert the cops from the something they have done. Here’s the truth: maybe, possibly, there could be a scenario where your long-term interests will be hurt if you refuse to talk to law enforcement. Maybe, possibly, in some extremely unlikely scenario, you could do actual harm to your fortunes by asking to talk to a lawyer before you talk to the cops. But those remote and hypothetical scenarios are vastly outweighed by the strong likelihood that you will make your situation much worse by talking. The “I better talk to the cops right now or things might get worse” approach is like deciding to jump off a bridge because you might get struck by lightening if you keep standing on it.

Shut up. For the love of all that is holy just shut up.

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