Whitey Bulger And The FBI

Going through old post drafts, I came upon this one, which seems pretty relevant now as Robert Mueller’s investigation collapses into the pile of BS it always was.

What Did Robert Mueller Know And When Did He Know It?

[In early 2017] the Justice Department appointed Robert Mueller to serve as special counsel to investigate connections between the Russian government and the campaign of Donald Trump. From both sides of the aisle came praise for Mueller, the former FBI director with an alabaster image.

The media was also nearly unanimous in its glowing coverage. Mostly ignored were Mueller’s role in the post-9/11 roundup of thousands of Muslims (subjected to arbitrary detention, beatings, humiliation), his botching of the anthrax investigation by ignoring a solid lead and fingering an innocent man (government legal settlement: $5.8 million), his silence as the Bush administration lied about Iraq as a pretext for war, and his accommodation to Bush’s torture program (against protests by his own agents), which led one court to conclude that he and Attorney General John Ashcroft, “met regularly with a small group of government officials in Washington, D.C., and mapped out ways to exert maximum pressure on the individuals arrested in connection with the terrorism investigation.

To the extent that anyone, in hailing his bona fides, paid attention to Mueller’s role in the notorious case of Boston criminal kingpin James “Whitey” Bulger, it was to describe Bulger’s arrest in 2011 as a masterful job of FBI investigation. In fact, the case of Whitey Bulger, a fugitive eluding capture for 16 years, had been one of the biggest scandals in the history of the FBI, and the Bureau’s official story of its resolution is so preposterous that it either casts a withering light on the competence of Mueller and his G men or reeks of something smellier in Mueller’s domain.

Man, Mueller is the classic example of the how the Washington elite looks out for its own.

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