I’ve encountered this ID, sometimes as Q-Anon or QAnon, a few times over the past few months. The problem is that the places that mentioned it were either in a wink-wink context with no explanation or as a rejection of what it, whatever it is, is. Neither would provide an explanation. An introduction, if you will. Until now. This is finest-kind conspiracy theory, and like my other posts recording these modern day conspiracies, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

A few quotes from the post.

You’ve just heard the term “QAnon” – maybe from a friend, from a relative, a post on social media, maybe a billboard on the roadside – heck, by the time you’re reading this, the Mainstream media might even be talking about this mysterious individual only know to as “QAnon.” But regardless of where you first heard the name, you want to know more.

And I wish I could help you. I really do.

But the problem is, if I just come out and say it… it’s probably going to be really hard to believe anything I have to say, even if you are politically aligned with me. Why? Because the information Q presents requires such a dramatic paradigm shift, such a radical realignment of any and all presuppositions you had about the state of the world, because it requires such a prerequisite level of knowledge to truly understand, it is often easier to just dismiss it outright and avoid any pesky cognitive dissonance that would otherwise emerge altogether.

With that…

The world has long been held hostage by a group of power-brokers I have collectively labelled “The Cabal.” They sit in seats of power around the world, making sure they control governments, wars, money flow, and even the lives of individuals like you and me. They see us as disposable pawns, a sort of natural resource they can spend at will, and this Cabal seeks to grow and expand its power every single day through all sorts of subversive action, be it class strife, fomenting economic instability, or sending us to die in foreign lands under the guise of patriotism and duty.

And who is Q

QAnon, often called just “Q,” is someone with Q-Level security clearance and a history of Military Intelligence working within the Trump administration to disseminate information to the American people directly.

As for the specific identity of Q – no one really knows for sure (save for a few people in the actual Trump administration). And while I just kind of implied that Q is an individual, in fact, it’s clear that Q works with a team of individuals in the intelligence community, and there may be more than one person on that team posting as Q.

And much further down in the post, a mention of Saudi Arabia that explains to me, for one thing anyway, why Thomas Wictor doesn’t really give QAnon any credence:

Q especially begins to highlight Saudi Arabia as a cornerstone of the Cabal,

Ooh, dueling conspiracy theories.

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