Megan McArdle has been building a pretty darn successful career out of providing reasonable, interesting, middle-of-the-road output for years. Which, of course, means I often don’t agree with her. But this quoted bit is quite nice and is part of an even better longer thread (Roe *should* be reversed for the legislative health of the country):

The great mid-century liberal insight was that they wouldn’t have to take half a loaf in some boring legislative compromise if they could get the court to give them everything they wanted.

The great late-century conservative realization was that two can play at this game.

Of course, if (when?) everything goes to hell again because of the broke retirees and enough kids trying to pay off the loans on their degree in Anthropological Studies of Sixteenth Century Tierra del Fuego by driving for Jimmy John’s and Ubering in the evenings, well, then that “court packing scheme will return because the reasons behind it have not been resolved constitutionally… as if that would be a problem for Democrats.

Update (within minutes of the above): Randy Barnett tweets:

If they ever get the Presidency and Congress, [Democrats]’ll expand the size of the Court to pack it. Already being advocated.

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