More Behind the Alt-Right

I recently had occasion to pass on the Alternative Right: The 16-Points and the reaction was as expected: not sure about that “white people” part.

In looking for more info, I came across this post, Don’t resist the truth:

[T]he Alt-Right Revolution is inevitable. Despite the propaganda in which the young man has been steeped for his entire life, despite being “smart” and “informed” and “well-educated”, which is to say “brainwashed” and “misinformed” and “maleducated”, truth and tribe attract him.


Identity is the only way a nation can preserve its values; [snip] a nation that loses its identity will eventually lose the sense of meaning for its existence as well as its legitimacy.

The Alt-Right is not a temptation, it is the answer for those who wish to save America from its loss of meaning, identity, and legitimacy. It is not the nationalism of the Alt-Right, but the civic nationalism of the Alt-Lite that is a mirage and a false ideal. Civic nationalism is no more true nationalism than social justice is true justice. And there is no reason for American men and women to resist the pull of the Alt-Right, because the Alt-Right is the only current political philosophy that is in harmony with science, history, reason, and current events.

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