Sending Children to Federal Prison

This tweet thread (which has also been unrolled) started with a comment/accusation by someone with the handle, truth4democracy directed at Thomas Wictor. The comment as text is gone and I don’t feel like transcribing, but its the usual emotional BS. Anyway, Mr Wictor responded:

(1) @truth4democracy supports sending children to federal prisons.

I don’t.

(2) The parents must be charged in order to prevent MORE illegals from coming in.

See, @truth4democracy has a child’s view of this situation.

Let’s talk about what REALLY happens.

(3) The trek to the southern border begins with illegals scraping together $5000 to $12,000 for coyotes to being them in.

Along the way, the illegals are often robbed, raped, or murdered.

(4) For childish people like @truth4democracy, having open borders is an act of kindness for brown-skinned people.

But what ACTUALLY happens is most of the brown-skinned people become slaves.

(5) The fields where they pick vegetables have no bath room facilities, so they defecate on our food.

That’s why there are so many e coli outbreaks now.

(6) Illegals working on assembly lines in food-processing factories, for examples, also have no bathroom facilities.

So they wear adult diapers.

(7) The children of illegal aliens do terribly in school.

They end up dropping out and either working as slaves or joining gangs.

(8) A 17-year-old Salvadoran illegal named Edwin Ramos murdered Anthony Bologna and his sons, Michael and Matthew, in San Francisco on June 22, 2008.

(9) Ramos is a member of MS-13. He thought the Bolognas MIGHT be rival gang members, so he murdered them just to be sure.

Gavin Newsom and Kamala Harris had worked hard to keep Ramos from being deported.

The Bolognas paid with their lives.


(10) MS-13 is hunting the SURVIVING Bologna family members for testifying against Edwin Ramos.

What makes MS-13 different is that they pledge to always get revenge.

It doesn’t matter that Ramos committed three unprovoked murders.

(11) So those who champion open borders and sanctuary cities are supporters of rape, robbery, slavery, and murder.

Trump–like me–is OPPOSED to rape, robbery, slavery, and murder.

So we have to charge illegals in order to prevent more of them from coming.

(12) As always, those who CLAIM the moral high ground are actually themselves stunningly immoral.

Unfettered illegal immigration creates immeasurable human misery.

Making illegal immigration finally have CONSEQUENCES will reduce that misery.

(13) The immoral, childish @truth4democracy strips the currents actions of their context.

We aren’t separating children from their parents because we’re being mean.

This is a crisis. How much of a crisis is it?

(14) The US has the highest rate of infant morality in the industrialized world.

What’s the primary cause of infant mortality?

Premature birth.

(15) What’s the primary cause of premature birth?

Teenage pregnancy.

(16) Who has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy?

Illegal aliens.

They’re skewing the statistics of the entire country.

(17) When George W. Bush tried to get amnesty passed TWICE, Michael Medved said that illegals would become a massive voting block for Republicans.

For one thing, that’s not true, but for another, THIS is what nobody talks about:

(18) In order to survive here, illegals become experts at breaking laws.

They have forged documents, they drive illegally, they hide their income from the government, they buy houses under assumed names, and they steal identities.

(19) George W. Bush and Michael Medved argued for the creation of a stratum of society made entirely of professional criminals.

Why would they voluntarily give up all their criminal skills?

(20) Do you know how hard it is to cross deserts and then avoid detection here for decades?

These are nobody’s victims. They’re hardy, resourceful people who need to go home and fix their countries.

They can do it! I’m rooting for them.

But they need incentive.

(21) One incentive is arresting them and separating them from their children.

The Spanish-speaking toddlers on my street scream and cry day and night.

Go to a market and wait for a kid to not get a bar of chocolate.

It sounds like he’s having his toes cut off.

(22) ALSO–since my mother was Mexican–let’s talk about how parents relate to their kids.

Here’s a word you’ll hear all the time:


(23) “Shut up!”

So you’ll excuse me if I am left unmoved by a child’s temporary tears, as we try to dismantle entire illegal pillars of our society.

(24) My quality of life is rotten now.

So much so that I must leave the state and never return.

(25) I didn’t do anything to deserve this.

Therefore illegal sob-stories leave me quite dry-eyed…

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