Please, Keep Up Your Tantrum

Very smart commentary from a Physics Geek:

I’ve watched this kabuki theater for decades. Remember Reagan’s amnesty? I do. It was supposed to be a one time thing to “solve” the problem. And yet somehow, the “problem” only seems to have gotten worse.

You can couch it all the touchy feely OMG IT’S SO HORRIBLE LANGUAGE you want, but you should at least be honest and say what you really think: we shouldn’t have any border control at all, period.

Oh, what’s that you say? That’s unfair? Uh no, it isn’t. And frankly, my desire to have a civil conversation with you has reached levels mathematically indistinguishable from zero.

I can point out to you the lowered/stagnant wages, the increasing drain on our social net, et al, but you’ll simply respond MUH FEELZ, to which I will respond “bite me”.

We’ve got veterans in this country homeless and dying, yet somehow I’m supposed to give preference to people who aren’t actually citizens here. Let me repeat: bite me.

You want to know why no one is listening to your childish bleating anymore? Because we’ve listened to it for decades and we’ve just tuned it out.

But please, keep up your tantrum. It provides me with entertainment. It also serves to harden the resolve of the people who oppose you. So kudos: you’re actually making things worse. I’m sure you’re very proud.

Oh, Mr PG also dealt with the penalties for illegal border crossing even tho’ it’s “only” a misdeamenor (and got an expert involved too, the ever elusive Glomar-guy):


Me: It happens every single day to actual citizens in this country. And yet it only piques your interest now. I will therefore not take you seriously.

@NolanZugernat: When does that happen for a misdemeanor?

The current law says up to 6 months in jail for the misdemeanor of crossing the border illegally. If multiple attempts are made, it might be changed into a felony. I’ll ask an actual immigration lawyer. What say you, @NotDeadGlomar ?

@NotDeadGlomar: First offense is six months, illegal reentry is a felony with a penalty of two years, reentry by a simple felon or multiple (3+) misdemeanant (drug crimes or crimes against persons only) is ten years, by an aggravated felon it’s twenty.

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