Sanctuary cities are sanctuary for drug cartels

I came to find this because of a retweeted link from Instapundit. The article itself at the Conservative Review, unfortunately having a number of issues, describes how the leftist “sanctuary cities” are a real problem behind the drug crisis.

It’s a lot easier to treat doctors like drug traffickers and push pain patients into suicide than it is go after sanctuary cities and the drug cartels that are responsible for the entirety of the drug (not “opioid”) crisis.

And this article then uses MN as a its example (poor writing gets a few things wrong about MN, like St Cloud and St Joseph being suburbs, of Minneapolis I guess, and Hennepin county including both of the Twin Cities).

Almost every drug network at the primary distribution level involves illegal aliens. That was a point Rep. Steve King got Acting DEA Administrator Robert Patterson to admit emphatically. Thus, if the cities were following federal immigration law and detecting and reporting illegal aliens, particularly the criminal aliens who are picked up on drug charges, the networks would be busted up in no time. This is how MS-13, which now serves as drug distributors and enforcers, was almost eradicated last decade before making a comeback under sanctuary cities.

And the killer.

Fewer than one in five overdose victims [in New York City] even had a prescription drug in their system, and it was virtually never the only drug. This has nothing to do with doctors and pain patients who have been stable on these drugs for years. Prescription overdoses are at six-year lows in many states, and prescriptions in general have been as severely restricted as can be. Even at the height of the opioid prescribing trend last decade, the percentage of chronic pain patients who became addicted and overdosed was exceptionally low.

Yet another thing that the left has screwed up.

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