They hate you and want you dead or enslaved

There are many who think that Schlichter’s assertions like the above are overwrought, but then when you see a tweet like this from David Plouffe (an Obama insider) back in June of 2016:

It is not enough to simply beat Trump. He must be destroyed thoroughly. His kind must not rise again.

it’s hard not take the hint.

Here’s another example:

This kneeling thing was mindless performance art designed by these leftist jerks, and enabled by the liberal elite and its slobbering media lapdogs, to insult us to our faces by committing an act of calculated disrespect to our country and to the Normal Americans who built it, feed it, and protect it.

It was a scam and a lie from the word “hike.” This dimwitted protest was always directed at us, and no one else. If it wasn’t us, who was it? The America-loathing elite that was cheering them on?

These preening primadonnas did not have to choose the football game venue, one we attend to escape from things like politics and condescending lectures. They did not have to choose the National Anthem, a symbol of the country we love and serve. If these overpaid, pampered, posing fools wanted to protest whatever it is they are protesting, they could have done it differently, but then doing it differently wouldn’t have freaked out the squares. That was the point, and now they are mad because we took their insult exactly as they intended it to be taken.

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