Tommy Robinson and Uncovering the Elite

Update (20180528): On the other hand, maybe Hanlon’s Razor applies.
The newest twists in the baffling actions (and reactions) of the British government towards Tommy Robinson are described here. Note well that

No major British outlet reported on the sentence, and Breitbart [even Breitbart!] redacted Robinson’s name from its report on the case.

There was otherwise little in the way of reports internationally either.

A comment at the end of a post at Gateway Pundit exclaims:

It is now safe to say that the UK has become a police state. The treatment of both Robinson and the media that wishes to cover his arrest highlight the great importance of the First Amendment here in the US.

I was thinking about this yesterday. How does a country’s “elite” make such a decision? It’s a PR nightmare. I don’t see any other country doing anything about this – nor do expect they should – because it will be considered an internal or domestic situation. Moreover, the necessary tools to excuse or gaslight this have been put in place and so no one in any official instance will be, initially anyway, affected. But really, this is an amazing and puzzling development that would seem to speak to desperation. Or perhaps, even worse, complete confidence that no one will do anything.

Anyway, I am growing suspicious of the notions that this is simply an immigration issue or racism issue or even an issue of low-level incompetence. I have no ideas, but I came across this twitter feed this morning. And it does address my questions even tho’ it is very conspiratorial. So, I’m leaving it here as a marker to see where things go…

OK fellas, real blackpill hours here:

The most likely underlying reason why Tommy Robinson was arrested is because the grooming gangs he was arrested for reporting on are a critical part of the UK government power structure.

This is gonna be a thread, strap yourselves in.

2:30 PM – 25 May 2018

In the west, there has to be an appearance of democracy, while maintaining behind the scenes control and compliance of parliamentarians, so that they serve the oligarchy above party affiliation and their voter base.

The most efficient method of achieving this is blackmail.

The easiest people to blackmail are pedophiles. Practically everyone hates them. If you can burn an asset by outing them as a pedophile, you will have an extremely compliant parliamentarian or government official working for you.

As a result, if you take a look at any given parliamentarian or high ranking public servant, there’s a better than even chance of them being a pedophile. Such people are sought out by the relevant intelligence services and offered a deal.

Those who take up the deal are the ones who get ahead. They’re pre-selected for parliamentary elections and promoted within the public service.

They do what they’re told and given a supply of children to abuse in an environment controlled and monitored by their blackmailers.

The supply of young victims to sexually service men in power doesn’t come from nowhere. There’s a lot of logistics involved in grooming and transporting these children and making sure that nobody involved talks about it.

That’s where these grooming gangs come in. They are one of the chief means of supplying this system of oligarchical control through sexual trafficking of children. They’re basically part of the government and must be protected as a key government asset.

The fact that they’re predominantly Islamic brown people is really quite incidental and convenient/opportunistic. It means they have practically zero empathy for the mostly white children they prey upon and the race card can be played if anyone tries to expose them.

This sort of thing used to be done by native British back in the day, after all Britain was much whiter back when Jimmy Saville was doing his thing.

It’s just that the new Islamic migrants are much more effective at working with this system, so they’re very valuable assets.

The key things to understand is that this is fundamentally about power, control and blackmail and just how high (indeed existential) the stakes are. The racial angle is mostly a convenient and distracting red herring, although far from irrelevant.

Tommy Robinson has unwittingly stumbled into something much more serious than just the courts going soft on a bunch of racial minorities. He’s coming dangerously close to blowing the lid off the real power structure in the UK.

So that’s why they’re going full SHUT IT DOWN mode.

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