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Me vs. every motherf**ker who thinks they can take my rights as an American citizen away from me.

Including my 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

We ain’t Europeans.

We’re Americans.

We’re always going to BE Americans.

Europeans meekly disarm for their overlords and then have to watch what they say on social media or get arrested. Or watch their kids taken off life support in the hospitals.

If the elite in this country are so enamored of Europe, great, they can freaking move there.

There are real differences between Europeans and Americans and it’s going to stay that way.

The fact a European can actually ask me this question shows the great divide between Europeans & Americans.

“Explain to me why your gov’t should allow you to own a gun.”

Holy crap. Where to begin with that?

My right to own a gun does not ‘come from’ my gov’t any more than my right to worship or my right to free speech or my right to freely assemble and choose my public associations.

Democrats turn their leaders into what I call ‘Rock Star Gods’ to justify the enormous amount of POWER they want to give these people over all the rest of us.

This is European style-thinking, not American thinking.

It’s not American to turn your POLITICIANS into celebrities.

Here’s the thing about Donald Trump: he wasn’t a guy who decided he wanted a political career & then TURNED HIMSELF into a Rock Star God celebrity, as Obama did with the Democrats playing along with him.

In that run up to the 2008 election the freaking hero worship of Obama, a guy who’d done NOTHING at that point to justify such adoration, reached absurd proportions.

And the media was not subtle at all about how it portrayed him.

Obama was deliberately packaged and presented as this awesome transcendent figure who was going to transform our country.

For the kind of power he was going to exercise to attempt radical change of the USA, they NEEDED him to be extra special.

Once he was in office you weren’t supposed to notice that Obama never even came close to living up to the hype. He spent the last 4 years of his second term thwarted by the voters who decided they didn’t like his agenda of change all that much after all.

Far from a lightweight built up by media packaging into a celebrity deserving of our adoration & upon whom we should hand immense powers – much of it unconstitutional, Trump is 180 degrees different from Obama.

While Obama is the present epitome of the European style political class/leader, Trump is becoming a quintessential American President.

My greatest fear when I was Never Trump was that once he came into office, Trump would be like Obama on Steroids when it came to the Constitution. Like Obama, he’d see it only as an obstacle to be gotten around.

By June of last year, as Trump was in his 5th month of actually functioning as President, I realized I’d completely misread him.

It dawned on me Trump didn’t run as a celebrity who just wanted the TRAPPINGS of the Presidency so he could grab the power and then do whatever he wanted with it.

He ran as an AMERICAN businessman who happened to already be a famous celebrity & he really did want to fix things.

In the year and 3 months he’s been in office, instead of grabbing MORE power for the Presidency, Trump has been actively REVERSING many of Obama’s executive abuses. Trump didn’t want the job to become an even greater celebrity and then run over the Constitution in a quest to reward his friends and punish his enemies.

That was OBAMA’S gig.

Trump is actually engaged in de-weaponizing the fed. agencies that Obama & Co. corrupted.

So here’s the dichotomy of the Trump presidency immediately following Obama’s presidency:

A guy who vaulted himself into celebrityhood to justify the changes he wanted to make to all of our lives was followed by an ACTUAL celebrity who wants to give us our lives back.

Unlike Obama, who was endlessly thrilled with the fact he could hang out with celebrities and BE ONE OF THEM as he tried to Europeanize the USA, Trump’s been there, done that for almost 5 decades.

He’s not interested in being a celebrity. He wants to be an AMERICAN President.
Obama rejected what makes Americans American. In the end, his goal was to ‘improve’ America by making it more like Europe.

Trump EMBRACES what Obama & his political elite class reject as ‘beneath’ them.

He embraces what makes America unique.

That’s why by the time he’s done, I think Donald Trump could be one of the greatest Presidents America has ever had.

He fully GRASPS what his job is.

Be the best AMERICAN President he can be.

Obama was too arrogant to even think about such a thing.

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