More About That Reminder

In the comments to the tweet referenced in the previous post, leftists jump in with comments like the following:

Person 1)
More with the Guns, fk you Americans are paranoid !

Person 2)
Liberals want everyone to be happy, educated, loving, kind, smart, safe, healthy, hard-working, and treated with dignity. Nothing wrong with that.

Person 3)
This divisive rhetoric is inaccurate.

I don’t know a single liberal-leaning person who hates a conservative for being conservative.

I am liberal, I don’t hate anyone.

I want everyone to be educated, safe, and respected. That’s it.

Person 4)
Holy shit, what a drama queen! Settle down, Beavis, no one wants you broken, submissive, enslaved, or dead. Seriously, that’s the talk of a radicalized person. How long before you suicide bomb a market place?

Now, on the one hand, this collection of hippie-esque, “we are the world”, “all you need is love” banter would seem to put paid to Mr Schlichter’s message: Leftists are wonderful people that wouldn’t harm a fly, much less a conservative (in fact, a non-leftist). It would be easy for Mr Schlichter to turn around show various tweets that indicate the opposite, but that is not the point.

Way back, three years ago, I posted a fine rant from Brigitte Gabriel to a question about Muslims. At the time, I thought it was cool, but I admit that I didn’t really quite understand it. But I do now. There are some, but very few, instances in the messages I’ve seen from Mr Schlichter’s twitter feed that try to calm down the radicals who threaten him – there are very few “nice” leftists who try to calm down their own radicals and talk them away from violence. As Ms Gabriel said, the peaceful majority are irrelevant.

Unless leftists ramp down the rhetoric and calm down their radicals, there are going to be more instances like the one with Scalise where a gunman opened fire on Republican lawmakers practicing on a Virginia baseball field.

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