What Fools

It’s probably just as well that he goes by his nom de plume, Wretchard the Cat, but he had an interesting Tweet thread. It applies to leftists in general, but more specifically to those in Europe and the first proof of this is ongoing in Sweden:

The lesson being administered to Europe, with its stagnation, anomie and political crisis, is that the elites cannot rule without their core populations. The bureaucrats can command no loyalty from their imported auxiliaries.

That loyalty lasts only for as long as they can buy off the auxiliairies. At the first default they will turn on the perfumed princes who will then have nowhere to turn.

Thus the logic of civil war, if proclaimed by the elites, is the logic of their Fall. One and the same. What fools.

Or, in an American context:

Opening the borders to replace the Deplorables won’t work either because the replacements won’t be as cooperative as those they are intended to replace. Yes there will be only one man left standing, but not the man they think.

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