A Prediction or Two

Thomas Wictor is one of the less well-known of those net celebrities who predicted Trump’s election far in advance of when it happened. He has also, in the last year, made it known that he thinks Trump will end up being the greatest president in the history of the US. Strong words.

Wictor has, of course, no patience with the left or the Never-Trumpers, but he is proving himself surprising antagonistic towards those on the right who are ostensibly pro-Trump but who continuously find reasons to doubt Trump. Most recently this applies to the Omnibus Budget bill.

In the following, an unrolled thread from Wictor’s Twitter feed, Wictor explains what’s happening and makes a prediction or two. Worth keeping a eye on… Just the text, links and images dropped.

(1) All right. So here’s what’s going on.

All your questions answered.

This is why Trump signed the omnibus spending bill.

Saudi general in charge of Yemen campaign speaks to euronews: General Ahmed Assiri insists Saudi Arabia’s only objective in Yemen is to “restore stability.

(2) Final sentence:

“Assiri was with the crown prince in the states last week where they got Trump’s support for the offensive against Iran, for their operation in Yemen and the rest.”

(3) “Offensive against IRAN.”

So regime change in Iran is on.

(4) Our military must now train like maniacs.

We’ll be working closely with the Iranians and their Arab allies.

THAT is why we wiped out the Russian unit in Syria.

We had to show the Iranians that we’re serious.

(5) Trump is slapping China with all sorts of penalties.


Because we don’t need their help in dealing with North Korea.

(6) H. R. McMaster is an expert on North Korea.

In April and September of 2017, the USS Jimmy Carter returned to port flying the Jolly Roger, indicating the successful completion on combat missions.

(7) The Carter patrols the Pacific and specializes in inserting and removing special-warfare units.

(8) Trump has agreed to a face-to-face meeting with Kim Jong-un.

ALL American presidents refused to do so, because that would show Asia that we consider North Korea an equal.

(9) Everything adds up: We’ve destroyed the North Korean nuclear capabilities.

And now Trump is reaching out.

(10) We used Rods From God.

(11) One of the bombardments killed Kim’s entire nuclear-weapons unit.

Up to 200 killed at North Korea’s nuclear test site:

Japanese broadcaster TV Asahi said the unfinished tunnel collapsed at the mountainous Punggye-ri site.

(12) So North Korea has surrendered.

McMaster resigned, because he won.

Now he goes back to the army.

(13) Enter John Bolton, a guy who has balls of steel.

Regime change in Iran will require balls of steel.

Ergo, John Bolton.

(14) Trump wrote this.

(15) That means the mullahs will be gone by September.

Also Hezbollah.

(16) There’s talk that Trump will use funds from the omnibus to build the border wall.

Well, I suppose it’s possible, but the wall pales into nonexistence compared to everything else that Trump is accomplishing.

(17) Besides, we’re doing pretty well without the wall.

Immigration arrests spiked, illegal border crossings dropped in 2017: DHS
Of the apprehensions, nearly 98% were along the Southwest border.

(18) Since wall-heads are never satisfied, and since they’re angry no matter what, my guess is that Trump has something ELSE up his sleeve.

Before the midterms, I think we’re going to learn a hell of a lot about Democrat criminality.

On a level that nobody anticipated.

(19) Trump will GO THERE.

(20) Trump sent this message to the Iranians.

(21) Thus, as I always knew, Trump has everything under control.

He used the wall to distract.

We’ve defeated North Korea in combat. They’ve surrendered.

(22) The mullahs and Hezbollah are next on the assembly line.

Or DIS-assembly line.

(23) Best president in American history.

(24) When you see the big picture, you don’t let pissant bloggers and pundits get you down…

(25) ADDENDUM: I forgot to add this:

In September–after the mullahs are gone–Trump will have the giant showdown with the swamp.

THAT’S when he’ll veto everything until they give him what he wants.

(26) He hasn’t done it YET, because we needed this time to prepare for regime change in Iran…

So. There you have it. Wictor’s predictions do not always pan out, especially with regards to when the actual something is to happen – as someone who only uses publicly available info, I think this is to be expected. On the other hand, the man has had too many predictions that were correct during the time I’ve followed him – I’ve known for months about the new Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and his plans for an Islamic Reformation.

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