Things Change

One of the things that is most fascinating about these Times In Which We Live is all the topics and issues to re-examine. Over the past year, I’ve read more than one diatribe from Vox about the ramifications of and problems with free trade (for example).

Kurt Schlichter has had a number of these re-examinations, but his newest is this tweet in which he references an announcement from Citibank/Citigroup that

Citigroup will not do business with companies that allow certain kinds of gun sales. It is the first Wall Street bank to take such steps.

And responds

I think it’s time we conservatives reassess our hesitation to regulate large corporations. If they feel free to exercise their political power against us, we have no moral obligation not to hit them back twice as hard.

Break up/regulate the corporations.

As Mr Schilchter often states, leftists are going to hate when the new rules are applied to them as well.

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