Chile & Pinochet

Further down the comments to this tweet is something interesting about Chile and Pinochet. From someone who claims to have been there at the time. Anyway, he wrote (authoritatively, truthfully?) a series of tweets about Chile at that time:

The “democratically elected” government had become a threat to the constitutional republic, and the legislature called for military to wrest control from Allande, to restore order, and to put down his foreign backed/armed/staffed paramilitary forces.

Of the 3,000 who died on the Marxist side of the irregular war, a majority occurred in the first 3 years of the junta’s rule, during the suppression of guerrilla forces. The Marxist paramilitary took to the hills, and waged war over the next 2 decades.

Though the Marxists were mostly confined to terror attacks and assassinations following 76-78. Pinochet put a referendum on the ballot calling for free elections, and when the referendum passed, he willingly stepped down. (He won 46% IIRC)

It’s important to put into context the era. Under Allende, Marxist gangs, government-backed paramilitary and Cuban-armed leftwing groups began a campaign of expropriation, seizing farms, homes, businesses and factories. Often executing the owners who resisted.

While the CIA and American corporations may have supported the junta, it was the elected representatives reacting to Allende’s increasing push for revolution, and fear that it would result in a bloody civil war, that led to their request of military to step in.

The use of Pinochet as a semi-ironic meme is to make people aware that there are least-bad options to socialism, and that we shouldn’t allow the Left to get us to the point where such extremes are necessary, as well as letting the Left know we won’t surrender without a fight.

That Pinochet left Chile as one of the most free, economically prosperous nations on earth, at a time when Socialists were killing millions, and leaving people in crushing poverty, enslaved and in prisons, is a miracle. We can only pray that if it comes to it, we fare as well.

[in response to the usual leftist taunt] Your ignorance and defense of murderous Communism is noted, you immoral POS. I’ve been to Chile. I was there both during Pinochet’s rule and after. The liberty the people secured in the face of commie scum like you was won with amazing restraint. You know nothing.

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