The Denmark You Know – 5

From Uriasposten with a link to an article in Ekstra Bladet [Denmark's New York Daily News].

The administration committee for a local meeting house in Denmark rented out some rooms to a couple of young people who were going to hold an apprentices graduation party. There was no graduation party (it is claimed) and the party that was held resulted in some expensive damage.

In and of itself, seen with American eyes, this is no big thing, but this is not for Denmark. The “high trust” society that has traditionally been the Danish way, the Scandinavian way even, is being treated like a game of Jenga. It won’t end well.

It seems that it is no longer possible to rent out the meeting house rooms as we always have done. That society in which agreements are based on mutual trust doesn’t exist anymore, said a member of the meeting house committee.

Vi kan konstatere, at det ikke længere kan lade sig gøre at leje forsamlingshuset ud, som vi altid har gjort. Det samfund, hvor vi baserer aftaler på tillid til hinanden, eksisterer ikke længere, siger hun.

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