The Real Argument

regarding the Second Amendment, by Kyle Shideler. An interesting perspective even if it is in twitter-ese:

2A debate is heated because its the lynch pin 4 entire natural rights philosophy left has sought 2 eliminate since Progressive era. They have all but succeeded.

If you accept that rights come from .gov & not from nature & nature’s God, arguments in defense of 2A are barren. It ultimately doesn’t matter that the left knows nothing about guns & their statistics are all false.

Only by recognizing all men (& women obv.) have an inalienable right 2 their own life & property does right 2 defend that life (& 2 possess the means to do so) follow inexorably.

The ultimate culmination of these rights than is the right of revolution, whereby the people may cast off such government as becomes abusive of these rights.

This is the very foundation of American governance. If there are no natural rights, there is no right to revolution & America’s founding & everything about American system was invalid from Day 1.

That means there’s no justification 4 a system which recognizes will of majority but defends rights of minority, there’s no justification 4 elections, or independent judiciary, or balance of power.

It all comes crumbling down.

Update (20180305): or as Schlicher put it:

Liberals don’t believe in natural rights. To them, “rights” are something the allow you to hav.e if they feel like it.

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