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This post came into view at a time when I was reading Scott Adam’s Winning Bigly. A lot of nickels fell, I hadn’t realized how many were stuck.

While the left wing continues winning arguments by not even having arguments at all, instead simply demonizing those who espouse any contrary position, the #SmartSet (citation required) of the establishment right continues believing, apparently earnestly and definitely ridiculously, that if they just out argue their political competitors, they’ll change minds.

They won’t. Or not enough to actually matter. Because most people don’t really care enough about these issues to really engage with them on an intellectual level; they just want to know what to claim to believe so that other people won’t think they’re weird, and deem them unfriendable, undatable, and poor candidates for promotion inside The Corporation.

Within minutes of reading the post above, two confirmations showed up… and then everything started looking like a nail (cuz I had a shiny new hammer).

The first from Instapundit:

The problem with the press, like many American institutions, is that its members prioritize virtue-signaling to their peers over the well-being of the institutions they’re responsible for.

And then one of the doyens of the Never Trump rightwing-establishment goes and proves the notions of baronets:

Today in the real world it’s the test of virtue and solidarity with the actual existing Left – emitting politically correct nonsense while knowing on some level that it is nonsense is an essential form of signaling.

A comment at Armed and Dangerous:

Klavan says that political correctness keeps people from saying things that are true, out of fear that they will be called racist, or some other form of bigot. He points out that the police in the English city of Rotherham allowed Pakistani Muslim gangs to rape and otherwise sexually exploit at least 1,400 non-Muslim English girls for years — and hesitated to do anything about it, out of fear of being thought racist. Klavan sees the same malign principle at work in the pile-on of Trump.

And even Mr Crunchy Conservative himself chimes in.

Update (20180216): As I’ve found since posting this, once you get Ace’s points in this regard, you see them confirmed everywhere. All the time.

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