The Diversity of Identicals

For reasons that escape me, Instapundit linked to a truly awful article, titled Wanted: A Self-Draining Swamp that had the promising subtitle “Perhaps the most insidious threat facing Western democracies has been the progressive decline of elite accountability and responsibility.”. Biased against Republicans and non-Leftists, it proceeds to lay the blame for this decline on Nixon with an occasional reference to a (throw-away) Leftist or two – but nothing about Obama. Like I said, for reasons that escape me.

But that’s not the reason for this. In this case, there is a comment to the Instapundit post from Eric Raymond (he of Armed and Dangerous – a site I don’t visit nearly enough):

[A]s a PC leftist it is not only vital that you believe that (a) racial diversity in institutions is an important good because we should benefit from and and cherish our differences, and (b) members of all races are the same above the neck, with identical distributions of IQ, time preference, criminality, etc. You also need to maintain a guard (c) that the contradiction between premises (a) and (b) can never be even acknowledged. That is, you’re not allowed to notice that if (b) is true, the expected gain from “diversity” is zero; on the other hand, if (a) is true, some races must have “inferior” means along some axes in ways that cash out as observable capability differences.

There are follow-up comments that are also good, but I particularly liked this for its exploration of illogic.

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