The Cost of Illegal Immigration

from Mexico to the US. It’s not the owner’s comments, but the four that follow:

Erez Semaría @ErezSemaria

I’d add that the most humane approach would be to deport the most “sympathetic” cases first since this would serve as a credible deterrent to others thinking of abusing US immigration law and prevent us from getting into this mess again.

I used to think, charitably, that illegal immigration was merely an extension to the socialist mindset only now we are forced to redistribute our wealth to non-citizens.
In fact, illegal immigration is a transfer of wealth from the US middle class to rich Mexicans and Americans.

Rich Mexicans benefit because they have a release valve to popular discontent and so are not forced to pay higher taxes. Rich Americans benefit from cheap illegal labor. The wealthy on both sides of the border can avoid taxes efficiently but the US middle class can’t.

And so the US middle class pays for liberal rhetorical largesse around illegal immigration through taxes and the US working poor subsidize it through lower wages driven down by competition from people who are here illegally.

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