It’s a New Day

Moore lost and now the Democrats have a plan for victory:

DNC chair talking about NEW Dem Party– let’s flesh it out: Jobs, across race & class coalitions, fairness, medicare 4 All, right v wrong

to which Nolte responds:

Forcing me to bake cakes, my granddaughter to pee next to men, my church to supply abortion pills, me to buy health insurance I don’t need.

Nolte responds in more detail

Meanwhile, the GOPe is happy:

Where do we go from here? Nominate conservatives with integrity. Retake the seat. Reject the vicious, malicious politics of men like Steve Bannon. Center the political fight around ideas and values that men and women are proud to vote for

To which Schlichter responds:

Nothing about enacting the conservative agenda that the candidate promise the voters back home.

This is willful blindness.

But there are people who get it; for example, in a comment at Shot In the Dark:

this was a textbook implementation of Alinsky’s
Rule 13“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”
with assists from rules 4,5, 6, & 8.
The write in votes tell the story.

And finally, Thomas Wictor notes

(5) You think the Democrats wouldn’t have tried this on Luther Strange?

See, you’re allowing the DEMOCRATS to determine who you think is qualified.

There’s lots more.

Democrats got 92 percent of their 2016 turnout.

Republicans got 50 percent of their 2016 turnout.

No voter fraud. This was zero-information morons boycotting their own interests. NOW Alabama is a laughingstock.

Wictor is on fire.

Update (20171215): Another, less antagonistic but no less in agreement, way of stating Wictor’s argument:

Jones didn’t win by converting conservatives. He won because he was genial enough to keep the Democratic base energized without drawing Republicans out of their homes determined to stop him.

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