Fetch the Tumbrels

Cathy Young tweets a concern of the black humor variety:

Does anyone feel like the sexual revolution has finally hit the “Reign of Terror” stage

Not sure about this… after finding this, I now know that yes, we are in the RoT.

Never ever flirt with a woman. All flirting is now sexual harassment. All compliments are sexual harassment. Everything is sexual harassment (against women).

/sarcasm off

PS. And anyone (mal)educated by the US education system of the last 20, 30 years has no idea of what this Reign of Terror thing refers to.

Update (20171124): Bookworm has an extremely interesting and well-written post titled The Sexual “Reign of Terror”: How we got here and where we’re going that explains that RoT thing for the youngin’s. At the end of the comments (as of this writing) is a doozy from David Foster (from Chicago Boyz…I thought I recognized that name):

Someone in an aviation magazine observed that ‘if you do anything with your airplane that is not consistent with the Pilot’s Operating Handbook, then you are a test pilot.”

For a society, the “Pilot’s Operating Handbook” is comprised of the generally-accepted traditions, expectations, and assumptions, as well as the explicit rules and laws.

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