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This one is just fun. It’s a nearly 40 entry tweet involves multiple predictions; it seems to be well thought-out, well grounded, and it sounds absolutely wonderful. This post is only to record this for later review. Every single entry given below:

1. Some thoughts on winning without fighting. Let’s start with a Trump tweet, 17 July 2012.Imperator_Rex added,

Donald J. Trump? Verified account @realDonaldTrump
“The Supreme Art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” — Sun Tzu
8:04 AM – 17 Jul 2012

2. Subjugation – ‘the action of bringing someone or something under domination or control.’

3. Sun Tzu/Machiavelli : the best generals win by attacking the enemy’s WILL to fight. The enemy is defeated before the battle starts.

4. In US politics, the dates of battle are known in advance: mid-terms & elections. Mid terms : Nov 6, 2018.

5. Trump’s mid-term objective: (1) decimation of Democratic Party, (2) supermajority for MAGA-GOP.

6. Decimation of Dems. Obama did a good job of this himself, an advantage to Trump.

7. Their trajectory under Obama at all levels of US politics was dire & has been since at least 2010 -

8. Obama was a vain and cowardly man who became lost in his own sense of grandiosity. This was clear in 2009 link

9. Sun Tzu on dangerous faults in generals – ‘recklessness..cowardice..a delicacy of honor which is sensitive to shame’. Obama had all 3.

10. As a result, Obama surrounded himself with cult acolytes who did his bidding. Result – illegal spying on US citizens.

11. ‘Unmasking’ scandal – Trump’s first line of attack to destroy the Dems will to fight.

12. Second line of attack – Dems are party of corruption & criminality. Focus : crooked Hillary & bent Bill.

13. ‘Bent Bill’ is mine, BTW & not nearly as good as anything Trump could come up with.

14. DNC, Clinton Foundation, illegal emails & other scandals – all gold for Trump.

15. Third line of attack – against the media proxies of the Democrats. Lying media. Fake News. Leaks.

16. Obama, Clintons, media – the three foundations of the Democratic Party, 2017 class. Remove these struts & the structure above collapses.

17. Note how Trump is allowing the combined assault on all 3 pillars to flow before he strikes. Why? Again, Sun Tzu helps -

18. Momentum – ‘When the gushing torrential water tosses stones pushing boulders, it is because of the force of its momentum.’

19. Timing of his strike – When the ferocious strike of an eagle, breaks the body of its prey, it is because of the timing of the strike.

20. Trump has the momentum, he’s just waiting for the time to strike. And that will be calibrated for the mid-terms.

21. Observe – Trump has moved loyal commanders to new strategic positions on the terrain (Bannon & Gorka), readying for the strike.

22. Observe – The unmasking scandal is growing in scope and intensity after a brief hiatus. Trump will drop his hammers/…

23. / exactly the right moment to toxify the Democrats. Ditto, the Clintons.

24. Observe – the Mueller SC will clear him, but also open up new scandals into Clinton & Obama.

25. I predict that the Democrats will barely exist as a functioning Party by 2020, if not earlier.

26. Trump knows this NOW. The only question is who will take their places in Congress.

27. There’s another group Trump intends to deal with. Non-MAGA GOP members of Congress

28. Consider – Trump ALREADY knows the Dems are doomed. He will use this leverage to primary every non-MAGA GOP BEFORE the mid-terms.

29. Bannon, Trump’s Cromwell, will lead the attack on them from the outside. As will Gorka. They already are.

30. With the Dems toxic and decimated & non-MAGA GOPs gone, Trump can literally fill Congress with his own MAGA GOP.

31. This isn’t just a supermajority. This is a profound restructuring of America’s political order that will endure for generations.

32. Assuming he stays on course, I predict Trump will win the electoral college & popular vote by a massive margin in 2020.

33. He will go down as one of America’s greatest Presidents, if not the greatest. And it will be because of ACTIONS, not empty words.

34. Subjugate the enemy, defeat their will to fight, let them defeat themselves.

35. Attack their foundations with momentum & time your strike carefully.

36. Trump tweet : ‘Move slowly, carefully — and then strike like the fastest animal on the planet!’
3:11 PM · Sep 20, 2013

37. Sun Tzu, 5th century BC : ‘Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.’

38. The end

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